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Take The Test

  1. Your customers:

  2. Customer service is:
    concerned about the ease of use of the product.
    growing faster than revenue.
    larger than development.

  1. Customer training is:

    Bad product experience, how do you stand?

    Fast analysis:

    essential for the use of the product.
    greater than 2 minutes per screen.
    difficult to produce.

  2. Customer documentation is:
    essential for the use of the product.
    greater than 2 pages per screen.
    difficult to produce.

  3. You hear:
    our product will change how people think.
    our product reflects how people should work.
    our product success depends on a change of business practice.
    the users are not smart enough to get it.

  4. Product vision:
    is written down.
    includes pictures.

  5. Product design:
    is written down.
    procedes implementation.
    takes roughly as long as implementation.
    gets influenced by interaction design.

  6. Interaction designs:
    are accompanied by task scenarios.
    have associated customer interviews.
    reference mental models.
    follow documented design heuristics.

  7. Some questions for those responsible for the interaction design:

    1. How do you acquire user data?
    2. What is the essential model (objects, actions, and relationships)?
    3. What are the user interface heuristics (patterns) incorporated into the design?
    4. What is the product vision?