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Interaction/Product Design

The goal of White Pond Design is to increase the user adoption of software products through the application of interaction design techniques. "Ease of use" is essential but insufficient to achieve that goal. We listen to the vested parties, learn about the target work environment, design product interactions, and deliver on time and on budget.

Interaction/Product Designs

  • Customer/User Analysis
    • Field analysis/Task scenarios - Using contextual inquiry, we construct task scenarios that describe how the targeted users desire to affect their goals. We record the interviews when possible.
    • Test scripts - We develop customer validated test scripts that can measure the success of an interaction design.
  • Interaction architecture
    • Information architecture - We describe the interaction information space and the different required views to navigate that space.
    • Interaction Models - Using the task scenarios we synthesize the models (essential and mental) necessary to inform the interaction design. The mental model describes the objects, verbs, and object relationships required for the interaction design.
    • Workflow's - We illustrate the primary and secondary workflow's necessary for the users to affect their goals.
    • Product Requirements - The product must provide the necessary functionality for a customer to achieve his/her goals. We identify those essential product requirements.
  • User Interface Designs
    • Designs that can be built - Leaning on our skills in software engineering, we create designs that can be built on the target technology.
    • Designs with a future - Tactical (immediate release) designs are anchored to a strategic interaction design roadmap.
    • High fidelity mockups for all necessary screen designs.
    • Supporting visual assets.
    • User testing - We perform efficient guerilla usability testing to insure that the designs will satisfy the customer requirements.

Specialty in analytic interactions

Over 10 years creating data and math centered interactions. We start by studying the data insights sought by the customer. Then, goal driven designs make those insights accessible by the customer.


Services for startups:

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