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About White Pond Design

White Pond Design provides design services to startup companies wanting to make their software products easier to use. By using our team, you will benefit from our extensive interaction, user interface, and graphical design expertise.  We are fast and cost effective.  Apply our expertise early and give your product development team the specialized support that can drive its success.

Our goal is to produce designs that will make your product more valuable to your customers. This means the software isn’t just easy to use. It makes work easier, faster, and helps produce better results. 

We work with your customers to find out what they’ll need to make the software work for them. We’ll also uncover the design and architecture elements that prevent people from wanting to use the software. Then, we outline the changes you can make to improve how the software works, in particular how it gathers and uses information. We’ll find out how to best accomplish the software task at hand and then design the user interface that most efficiently and effectively accomplishes the task. The software will deliver the expected result in a way that the user expects it to work.

We’ve designed user interfaces for 15 years. We know the standards and what works. Leaning on our expertise in software engineering, we deliver user interface designs that your development team can build on the technology they want and deliver on time.

Please contact us if you think we might be able to help.