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Product Design Challenges

Why does essential user feedback not get to the people that need to know it?

  1. The pain of the customer experience is often masked as it waterfalls down the organizational ladder of responsibilities. A "usability" requirement can easily be "triaged" below the priority of a feature request.  The only way to really appreciate what is going on is to sit with the customer and experience first hand the product holes and deficiencies.  This is not typically done.  Field reality can collide with many different company forces:
    • It is in conflict with preconceived product visions
    • It is in conflict with ease of development
    • It is difficult to communicate the magnitude of the problem.
  2. What does it take to engender brand loyalty?

What is the signal loss from the customer experience to the company owner?  Consider the sources of loss…

  1. The data is not gathered
  2. Data is partially gathered
  3. It is the job of the folks in the field to help the user get around these problems, cheat sheets, decorder rings and hugs are required to keep the customer from throwing you out.
  1. I need to develop a brand identity.  The brand will emphasize:
  2. Domains of expertise:
    • Considerable heavy analytic, cost analysis
    • Search
  3. The role of product design in interaction design