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White Pond Design has access to a network of highly experienced consultants. Depending on the project, additional resources are available for user modeling/analysis, software engineering, and graphic design. This team brings expertise in the following areas:

User research - Interaction Design

  • User research; including observing, interviewing and modeling.
  • Interaction system design and modeling (interfaces and dataflows).
  • Analysis and design of business processes.
  • Usability testing and analysis.
  • Screen designs.

Healthcare experience

Our user research expert (Chuck Kukla) also brings the following healthcare experience to our design table:

  • Ethnographic studies at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (Urology Clinic).
  • Practicing EMT and EMT director for 4 years.
  • Developed the first high school based EMT program in Massachusetts.
  • Developed training for wilderness accident scene management.
  • Medical device development (Kendall now Coviden).
  • Home health care projects at MIT Media lab and CIMIT (MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital program).
  • Evaluation of the Operating Room of the Future project at MGH.
  • Medical ward evaluation at MGH.
  • Volunteer at the MetroWest free medical clinic.

Graphic Design

  • Interactive Communication and Design.
  • Information design (data relationships, hierarchy).
  • All other forms of visual communication and design, including: print, advertising,
    exhibit graphics, packaging, corporate identity.
  • Access to wide range of communication design talent including photographers, writers, illustrators.
  • Flash design and development.


Services for healthcare startups:

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Services for startups:

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